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I’m going to admit it right away: my husband and I are list-makers.

It’s almost an illness.

Long before we were officially “in the market” for a house, we were avid watchers of house-hunting and home-improvement shows on the typical cable networks. And we had opinions.

I will now quote for you our original “Wants and Needs” list. This was from months before we moved here.  The items with the strike are things the current house lacks or does not quite satisfy. The rest… well… it’s not a dreamhouse, quite yet, but it’s our house of dreams. Things that this house exceeds or excels in have brackets afterward.

Our House

Compiled August 2007 – April 2008
  • 2+ story
  • Symmetrical (or mostly symmetrical) from the front
  • Large, evenly-spaced windows
  • Not split-level
  • Off-street parking (prefer covered) [Has an original 1910 carriage house in the back with one automatic garage door and room for at least one more to be added if we care to later]
  • Air conditioning [dual zone!]
  • Some type of porch
  • Vertical window panes beside door [and matching transom above]
  • Wide staircases
  • Some carpet
  • Panes (or pane-lines) in all the windows
  • Corner pantry
  • Cozy feel [We think it will be more cozy and less cavernous when we have furniture in it]
  • Bay windows and/or Tall windows
  • Crown molding everywhere applicable [a few of the bedrooms still need it]
  • Nice baseboards and window frames, nice trim & woodwork
  • Chair rail molding, inset bits
  • Nice interior doors (inset wood panels, etc.)
  • Kitchen island with openness to TV area
  • Side entry garage if attached [NA]
  • Split door to master bedroom
  • Walk-in closets
  • Library/study
  • Built-in bookcases or potential for them to be put-in
  • Fireplace [Two!]
  • Outdoor space with trellis or deck only if nice ambience [Large brick patio steps down into trellised and landscaped back garden]
  • Storage space [More closets than we will ever know what to do with]
  • No pointless room off to the side when you walk in (“Office”)
  • Good flow
  • Thick walls
  • Nice appearance from the back and sides (shutters, etc.) [It’s a little bare from the back, and too glassy, I think, but the sides are lovely and the back’s not bad.]
So that’s where we’re at, at the moment. Like I said tomorrow’s the inspection. I’m a little worried about asbestos insulation on the basement pipes, and whether the roof is good enough. But tomorrow the expert will be there to help us decide about these things.

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