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Looks like we have poison ivy in the back corner of the yard.

I put together a Flickr photo set of the terrible evidence HERE, if you are interested in seeing the thing(s) in context.

By way of preview, here is a baby one, pretending to be cute:



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Video Link:

Backyard Springtime Morning from Julie on Vimeo.

Since we moved into our house in October, we really haven’t had much warm and pretty weather here so far — that’s making spring more awe-inspiring than usual, I think. I came out in the yard a few mornings ago and the birds were being so loud and happy, and it was a bit foggy and the trees were flowering and great so I took a quick video clip to capture the mood. This was April 16, 2009.

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Garden Calendar Link

I found a good website for lawn & garden tips from month-to-month.

TheGardenHelper.com’s Garden Calendar

Let me know if you know other ones!! I have a huge yard full of mystery plants I don’t know how to care for!

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