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The color is Behr “Restful” – in an eggshell finish with high-gloss white trim.

We’re not done yet – still need to do a second coat on the walls, finish out the trim (window interiors and baseboards), and give the floor a good scrub. But having the color on the wall really makes a difference! Notice, too, the lack of popcorn ceiling texture in the “AFTER” picture. 😉 A hard-won detail.


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day one’s progress:

(click any image to enlarge)

this was my test patch to see if the tool worked… very excited at this point!

The ceiling after the first day’s work. Note gouges, a.k.a learning curve.


closeup to see the texture partway done


Note how differently the light reflects!


Up close and personal with my popcorn ceiling texture


the room setup… maybe I should leave those tarps down and just PAINT come to think of it…

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I submitted my students’ final grades last night so I’m pretty much officially on summer vacation. Since the estimate for the professional texture removal seemed high to us, I thought I would give it a shot myself.

Tools of the trade:

  1. After reading reviews, I ordered the Homax Ceiling Texture Scraper which you attach to a broomstick to use for scraping ceilings. It’s pretty interesting — you clamp a small plastic bag (e.g. a shopping bag) onto a ring that surrounds the scraping edge. Then, when you scrape, most of the mess goes into the bag. Sort of simple, but the reviews were fairly okay from DIY users, so I figured it was worth a try.
  2. Broomstick
  3. Face mask (only used sometimes — should use more next time)
  4. Step ladder (I used two, one for me and one for the sprayer)
  5. 2-Gallon Garden Sprayer with warm water in it
  6. Plastic sheeting for the floor
  7. Radio so you don’t die of boredom

So, this afternoon I sprayed a 3′ x 3′ patch of ceiling and gave it a try… then more… then more… I can already tell that I’m going to be really sore tomorrow because it is a very strange angle and you are basically making the motion of a javelin thrower (with a heavy bag of wet ceiling texture hanging on the end of your javelin, by the way) the entire time. It was annoying at times and it definitely took me a while to figure out what angle to hold the thing at (since you can’t really see the scraper edge because of the bag it’s sort of a weird thing to get the hang of). I definitely made several little gouges in the ceiling in places as I tried to get the hang of it (This is why I chose to start in an upstairs bedroom we don’t use very much – ha.)


In under two hours I scraped about 3/4 of a 12′ x 16′ bedroom. When you count in the learning curve, I think that is pretty amazingly good news.

My original plan was to try to get at least two rooms’ worth of ceiling scraped this summer. It seems quite doable now.

As an added bonus, I will have extremely buff arms by the end of this project — which will come in handy if I ever meet the person who invented popcorn ceiling texture, so I can punch them in the face.

Pictures to follow.

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