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Foyer ceiling

is now popcorn-free!

It has been a little bit done for a long time — as you can see in the third picture down in this previous post. But now it’s done!

Still needs to be patched, sanded, primed and painted but for now I’m calling it a good day’s work.

Whoever invented that stuff really needs to be very sorry. It is such a pain to get off the ceiling and makes a HUGE mess to clean up. Ugh.

This was AFTER I spent 45 minutes vacuuming up the worst of it off the floor.

No more styrofoam leprosy up there!

Here’s an alternate view, for honesty’s sake, to show  you can still see scrape marks. :-/

Still some work to do. But so much better overall.


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First off, I must say it’s good to know we’re not the only ones with paint under our nails. 🙂

Of course this was for a worthier cause, a 9/11 Habitat service project in DC. But it made me smile.

As for what we’ve been doing lately on the house, well, school has begun once more and with both of us teaching like crazy we’ve slowed down as anticipated. If you recall my own embarrassing admission, it’s still true that I can’t stay focused on things if we have only one room we’re working on. I start to feel like I “have” to work on it and have no choice, and the levels of procrastinatory justification I immediately begin? They ain’t pretty. So we currenty have TWO count em TWO projects in the works:

Upstairs bedroom: While the summer was the big push, scraping the popcorn ceiling, mudding, sanding, priming, REpriming, painting and REpainting that room, we’re now trying to turn it into a reasonably comfortable second guest room by the time our holiday guests arrive. We purchased two twin beds (our other guest room has a queen) and are going to be piecing together the rest of what the room needs over the next few months. Considering all that is in there right now is two twin mattress sets on metal frames? It still needs a lot. Our cats, however, are pleased with the progress so far:

The second project — because there always needs to be a second project — is the foyer. As a reminder this is a smallish room but a biggish entryway, with wide doors on either side leading into the piano room on the left and the regular living room (TV, couches, etc) on the right.

Please note the partially-scraped popcorn ceiling. 🙂 For this picture, I am standing in the piano room (where the piano will someday be) looking across the foyer.

The foyer is definitely your first impression of the house — especially at night when we, like many people on this street, keep our door open and just the (locked) glass door closed. It’s wallpapered with an Asian-themed toile print in pink, and while it isn’t the paper I’d choose, it’s not bad enough to make me want to change it right now considering our other (uglier) priorities.

Since this is a matter of first impressions, I think it’s going to be a good room to have done. So we’ve been beginning to paint over the burgundy trim with first primer, then off-white trim paint. Here’s a before and after — or really, since it’s only primer on the trim in the second picture, a before-and-during:

Painting all the trim is suprisingly slow going — it turns out it’s harder when you have large areas you DON’T want to paint as well as large oddly-shaped areas you do. Also I learned VERY QUICKLY that putting masking tape, even very lightly pressed, onto the wallpaper was a bad idea (there is now a little mauve-tone gondolier man with half a head to back me up on this) but I think it’s going to look good someday. As for those pink radiators? I’m not even sure how to start.

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Since we like to travel in the summer, and are on a definite budget this year due to my lack of employment, we decided to roadtrip out to Kansas to visit friends and attend my friend’s wedding — we stopped several places along the way going there but by the time it was time to come home we wanted to do just that — get home. Fast. So we drove — actually, my husband drove — sixteen solid hours, from 10am CST to 3am EST. Glad to be alive, we rolled into the driveway, loaded up with our most necessary luggage for the night, and got to the front porch where….

This doorknob decided to lock itself forever and ever and never let us in with any amount of key-turning, sighing, pleading, shoving, pulling, or stomping around the porch.

We live in a very quiet neighborhood, and it was well after three a.m., so there was no one to report our “suspicious” activity trying to get back into our own house. There could be many reasons. We just went around to the back. This morning we called our realtor for a locksmith recommendation, called them, and they had a guy out by 3pm. He spent about 45 minutes taking out lock apart and putting it back together — an interior screw had come loose over what he thinks is about sixty years of continuous use, so he had to screw it back in and put it all back together again. No parts, no replacement. 🙂 I asked him if a newer lock would be safer and he said this was a very good one, just to keep it how it is. Yay.

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